A new urban scenario

In our increasingly anthropised planet, many cities are facing multiple societal and environmental challenges and the link between the characteristics of the urban green contexts and people’s health and safety represents an emerging topic and of urgent importance. Air pollution and urban climate, reduced contact with nature, limited access to quality green spaces, and urban fabrics and infrastructure that discourage sustainable&safe mobility and active lifestyles, are  threatening the mental and physical well-being of an aging society and increasing its social disparities.

The GreeNexUS project proposes a novel and multidisciplinary approach to promote urban greening, territorial regeneration and safety/accessibility/walkability of urban infrastructures, as key strategies to face those challenges, while addressing climate change and preventing pandemics from exacerbating inequalities in disadvantaged/vulnerable groups.


GreeNexUS individual research projects focus on the synergy between health- and safety-driven green urban design, for an innovative perspective of the urban realms of the future. This new vision will underpin GreeNexUS’ process of training new specialists with a multidisciplinary and cutting-edge expertise that will allow them to elaborate and communicate sustainable solutions for greener, healthier, safer and accessible urban areas.

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