The project envisages the following achievements:

  • to train a new generation of professionals with a transdisciplinary state-of-the-art knowledge in the areas of health-focused analysis, monitoring, planning, design and regeneration of the urban realm;

  • to enhance the employability of trainees, through the active involvement of not only academia and research centres, but also companies, NGOs and public institutions in the research supervision & training activities;

  • to intensify the networking within the consortium and foster knowledge exchange and sharing of good practices across European stakeholders to assume active roles in forming a new generation of professionals;

  • to boost knowledge transfer between academia and other institutions, maximising impacts of GreeNexUS outcomes through dissemination in Open Access peer-reviewed journals, specialised magazines and global conferences, as well as other important public events and “FAIR” data management.


The GreeNexUS participants (20 institutions from 9 European countries) are joining forces to offer a collaborative Training-through-Research programme involving universities, research centres, companies, NGOs, and local authorities that share this new vision of fostering greener, healthier and safer urban realms of Europe’s cities and towns.