The project aims at identifying integrated solutions for the design, construction and management of the green, healthy, resilient, accessible and safe cities of the future, with a focus on:

  • new approaches for planning and design of public spaces and urban regeneration, capable of adapting both to gradual changes (such as climate change) and to abrupt ones (such as catastrophes and pandemics);
  • urban planning strategies and soft, grey, green and blue solutions (NBS/GBI) aimed at improving the environmental quality of urban and metropolitan areas, through an enhanced provision of ecosystem services with positive impacts on health and wellbeing, under a climate change scenario;
  • urban design strategies aimed at promoting active lifestyles, accessibility to green and open spaces and sustainable mobility, with positive impacts on health and wellbeing, under socio-economic change scenarios;
  • integrated design, construction and maintenance of urban infrastructure and improvement of wearable and mobility aids aimed at improving walkability and accessibility for safer and more sustainable urban surfaces.

Doctoral Candidates' Projects