The project offers a challenging general programme of training to the Doctoral Candidates, that combines and integrates the various fields of innovative knowledge of the GreeNexUS’ participants, and also includes career planning, entrepreneurship and soft skills training. Most of the GreeNexUS training is open to public. Please refer to the Project Coordinator or to the training organizer for more details.

GreeNexUS weeks

The GreeNexUS Weeks are live events for all Doctoral Candidates that will be hosted by UNIBO, NTNU, IST and WU in four separate locations: Bologna (IT), Trondheim (NO), Lisbon (PT) and Wageningen (NL).

The GreeNexUS weeks are designed to foster a transdisciplinary vision, promoting the exchange of knowledge, sharing of opinions and collaboration during and after GreeNexUS. Those are also the main events where the 10 fellow projects will be shown as a whole.

Online Training

A group of online courses is also offered to provide additional training for the Doctoral Candidates, who shall acquire and shape the knowledge and skills needed for their future careers.

The list of online courses will be made available on this webpage.