BIM workflow for green high-performance building: design to construction


Developing a life-cycle based BIM workflow combining sustainable design principles and integration of green systems in the building envelope. Integration of research in the green-infrastructure and building design with BIM technology, aimed at decarbonizing and improving the quality of the urban environment, while increasing the efficiency of the design-construction-maintenance chain.

  •  Task 6.1: review of literature on sustainable construction, green systems, and BIM, including BIM evolution on Green buildings.
  • Task 6.2: collect and review benchmarks and good practices of green building projects, analyzing the different stages of the design and construction process, and characteristics and performance concerning design and construction phases.
  • Task 6.3: elaborate a multi-objective approach, covering all the relevant aspects of a green high-performance building, including Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, eco-friendly materials, energy and water efficiency, carbon footprint, regulation capacity, etc.

Expected Results

  • Framework for promoting green buildings as drivers for the improvement of urban quality and environmental health in future low carbon societies.
  • BIM workflow for designing green high-performance buildings, as a basis for standardization of repeatable, consistent, and intuitive processes.
  • Guidelines to new job requirements and future platforms to accelerate BIM development.

Host Institution

Teixeira Duarte Engenharia e Construções, S.A.


Laura Esteves, Ricardo Rodrigues – TD, Portugal

Miguel Amado, Francesca Poggi – IST, Portugal

Thomas Bartzanas – AUA, Greece


Teixeira Duarte

Lagoas Park Edificio Dois, Porto Salvo Oeiras 2740 265, Portugal



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